Friday, November 12, 2010


The past few weeks my 5/6 geometry class has been going over quadrilaterals.  A quadrilateral is a 2 dimensional polygon that has 4 straight sides.  The shapes we learned about was a parallelogram(1), rhombus(2), square(3), trapezoid(4), kite(5), rectangle(6).  Each shape has it's special properties but also shares these properties with each other.
(1) The parallelogram has opposite angles congruent, opposite sides are congruent and parallel and diagonals bisect.
 (2) The rhombus's diagonals bisect each other at 90 degrees and all sides are equal.
        (4) The trapezoid has one pair of opposite sides parallel.

            (5) The diagonals of kite which bisects each other at right angles to form 90 degrees, longer sides of a kite are congruent and the smaller sides of the kite are congruent and the longer diagonal bisects the smaller diagonal. 
        (6) angles measures 90 degrees, opposite sides are parallel, opposite sides are equal, Its diagonals are equal, diagonals bisect each other.